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Leadership Club Learns About Local History on Field Trip

The Middle School Leadership Club, together with Club Advisor Mrs. P. Hubbard, visited Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica, Father Baker’s tomb and the Museum while learning about its history, the Canonization process and Father Baker’s life and service.

The group of students, made up of different nationalities and religions, asked appropriate and interesting questions while also sharing individual information about their respective religions and cultures. It was wonderful to hear them share with their friends.

The club members delivered a gift card for a local needy family that they had worked to raise funds for as well. 

After the visit to the Basilica, they shared a pizza and salad luncheon at the Mess Hall in Lackawanna. Although not far from home for the students, it was a great educational experience right in their own backyard.

 Photo of Leadership Club on Field Trip
Photo of Leadership Club on Field Trip