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Martin Road holds inaugural Veterans Day parade

Just in time for Veterans Day, Martin Road Elementary School in Lackawanna paid tribute to those who have served our country by inviting them to the school for a heartwarming parade.

Classes lined the decorated hallways with American flags in hand as former service members and their families walked around the school. Nearly 600 students clapped and cheered as over 30 local veterans smiled and waved at them. Some of them even high-fived the students or shook their hands as they walked down the hallways.

Band students played patriotic music for the parade participants in the main lobby of the building. Artwork authored by students who were thankful for the veterans' service also lined the walls.

This was the inaugural Veterans Day parade for Martin Road. Principal Frederick Hahn hopes to make this an annual event at the school.

"This was a welcome that our hometown heroes truly deserved," he added.

After the parade, the veterans and their families were invited to the cafeteria for refreshments and brief remarks. Students who won the Martin Road Veterans Day writing contest read aloud the essays they wrote honoring the veterans and explaining what their service to America means to them. A video of students thanking the veterans was played at the end of the event.

Mr. Hahn wished to thank the Veterans Day Committee members who worked tirelessly to put together the parade. This included Mr. Anello and Mr. Carere, who played saxophones as they led the parade down the hallways and organized the student performances; Miss Szymanski, who organized her classroom in a performance; Mrs. Hamilton, who created all of the nameplates on the walls; Mrs. Short and Mrs. Muldoon, who coordinated getting the veterans in the building and got everything set up in the morning; Miss Hebert, who created the tribute video; and Martin Road's own veteran, Mrs. Tiberio.

To view the video that students made for the veterans, download this video. To watch the parade, download this video. Scenes from the event can be found below.


Students clapping as parade goes by

Above: Mr. Anello and Mr. Carere lead the parade by playing saxophones.


Mayor Szymanski high fives students along parade route

Above: Lackawanna Mayor and U.S. Navy veteran Geoffrey Szymanski high-fives students along the parade route.


Students clapping as parade walks by

Veterans shaking students' hands along parade route

Students performing in a band for veterans audience

Veteran with family

Veterans and school officials

Above: Lackawanna Mayor and U.S. Navy veteran Geoffrey Szymanski, bagpiper Tim O'Leary, Superintendent of Schools Keith Lewis and Martin Road Principal Frederick Hahn.


Veterans and school officials with student

Above: Lackawanna Mayor and U.S. Navy veteran Geoffrey Szymanski, fifth-grade teacher Michelle Gibert, fifth-grader Naseem Dhali, bagpiper Tim O'Leary, Superintendent of Schools Keith Lewis and Martin Road Principal Frederick Hahn.


Student reading essay to veterans

Above: A'shya Robinson, writing contest winner, reads her patriotic essay to the veterans after the parade.