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Our Vision is to educate and support all of our students in meeting or exceeding the New York State Learning Standards necessary to graduate from the Lackawanna City School District and to become contributing members of the community.
All Faculty and Staff of the Lackawanna City School District will implement and continually refine a well-defined standards-based curriculum which is culturally responsive to the needs of all students in order to develop their academic knowledge and skills, educational and career pursuits, lifelong learning and social responsibility.


Dear Parents, Students and Staff:

In the aftermath of the WINTER KNIFE STORM, it is the responsibility of my office to develop a plan that will ensure that all buildings are safe and functional before returning to a normal school schedule.  In order to ensure the safety of students and school personnel, it is essential to evaluate the following:
Roofs—the District Architect and their structural engineer will inspect all school district roofs to determine their condition after they have been cleared of snow.  
Building Systems—heating and plumbing systems as well as overall building inspections must be completed and confirmation made that systems are working and all buildings are in proper condition to resume school.
Snow Removal—the District has contracted with an outside firm to remove the snow in the school parking lots and bus loops.  Custodians and maintenance workers will be working over the weekend to guarantee that schools are ready for students’ return.
Returning to School—the first day of school will be decided after it has been determined that school roofs are safe, building systems are working properly, and it is safe for student travel.  No one is to go into any District building without permission from the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.
Communication—the District website as well as Global Connect calls will continue to keep parents, students, and staff informed.
You should be aware that there may be an impact to the current school calendar due to the November snow days.  The District Administrators and Board of Education will meet to discuss the possibilities for make-up days in the event of this problem.   The Commissioner of Education will only grant a variance to the minimum number of days required for schools to be in session AFTER ALL vacation days have been used up.
Please be assured that we are working diligently to confirm that our buildings are safe.  We are doing so as expeditiously as possible so that we can return to a normal school schedule.

Anne G. Spadone




    Friday, Oct. 3, 2014 at 5 pm at Boland Memorial Auditorium - Lackawanna High School. 
    This is a free event!
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    Transportation is provided by Carrier Coach for the 2014-15 school year. Questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting Carrier Coach direct at 627-5919 or contact the District Transportation Office at 827-6768.
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    Click here for complete details about current postings within the Lackawanna City School District.
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    The District's charge policy for the school breakfast/lunch program for Grades Pre-K – 12 states if your child has charged 2 breakfasts, he/she will not be able to receive a breakfast. If your child has charged 2 lunches, a peanut butter or cheese sandwich (with milk, fruit, vegetable or soup) will be provided.  Click here to complete an application to apply for Free/Reduced Meals.
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    As part of our comprehensive intervention plan, the District Attendance Teacher, Mrs Meagan Bender monitors, collects and reports student attendance data. She also serves as part of the District Data Team. Mrs Bender is the District McKinney Vento representative for homeless students/families. She can be reached at 827-6729 or by

    Board Policy for Attendance Policy Number 7110

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    The District is implementing the Global Connect Rapid Broadcast Communication System. This automated system provides the District the ability to deliver general and emergency alerts to specified phone numbers quickly and accurately, all in just a matter of minutes.  Please click on the link provided to be sure you receive important notices and to learn more about the Global Connect Notification System.
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    The decision to close Lackawanna Schools is made when the safety of our students may be threatened due to hazardous conditions, including weather or other emergencies.  Click here for information about closing procedures.  In the event school is closed, all related activities including extracurricular activities, athletic events and field trips will also be closed for that day/evening unless otherwise notified.
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