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Martin Road students raise $500 for Red Cross

American Red Cross official talking with class

The executive coordinator of the Western New York American Red Cross chapter paid a visit to Martin Road Elementary School in November to accept a $500 check and educate students about the organization's work.

Martin Road held a successful Helping Hands community project, which has raised over $1,000 in the last two years for the Red Cross. Students and staff worked hand-in-hand to raise money for the victims of the recent hurricanes that hit the Carolinas and Florida.

The fundraiser teaches the students that small hands make a big difference! Funds were raised from $1 donations. Anyone who donated was able to color their own helping hands on paper and post them on the Helping Hands Wall for all to see.

Molly Sievenpiper of the Red Cross explained to the students the money will be going to help victims of disasters. She thanked them for working so hard to raise the money.

Students in front of Helping Hands wall

Teachers with Helping Hands wall