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Fishing Club experiences two adventures

The Lackawanna Middle School Fishing Club's spring season culminated in two fishing adventures.

On May 3, the students visited Chestnut Ridge Reservoir, where they caught a total of 13 fish, including perch, crappie and bluegill. The club visited a private lake in Akron on May 17, where they caught a total of 47 nice-sized fish, most of which were bass up to 16 inches long. A couple of huge bluegill where caught and released, as well as the largest fish of the trip, a 27-inch long northern pike!

Students were able to fish from shore, a large pier and two aluminum boats on the Akron lake trip.

Students with fish

Above: Ahmed and Meagan show off their bluegill!

Student with fish

Above: Christian shows off his catch - a bass!

Student with fish

Above: Lyndsie shows off her catch - a big bass!

Student with fish

Above: Meagan shows off her big pike!