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P-TECH 8th Grade Applications Now Being Accepted

Lackawanna High School is thrilled to share an exciting opportunity with you and your 8th grade student about an innovative program that bridges the gap between high school, college, and careers in the health occupations industry: P-TECH Hope.

P-TECH’s unique program is specially designed so that students complete high school as they work toward earning an associate degree and will be career ready by the time they graduate.  The length of enrollment is customized to meet the learning needs and goals of each student and tailored to be completed in six years.

Mentors give individualized support and guidance to students as they plan their high school years and begin taking college classes.

Work-Based Learning Opportunities and internships are available to prepare for college and competitive careers in Health Occupations. In additions, students have the opportunity to experience unique field trips such custom fit to their field. During the 2016-17 school year, students have visited ECMC’s Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Rooms, and Ambulance facilities to see real life scenarios in which they could be working in soon.   

Students can earn an Associate’s degree from Trocaire College at NO COST. Through the P-TECH program, Students have the opportunity to take college courses during the regular school day, continue their studies at Trocaire College, and explore different careers and participate in real work experiences while developing the skills needed for success in the Health Occupation Industry.

Applications for enrollment are now being accepted and the deadline has been extended to April 7, 2017. Applications are open to  current eighth grade students. Please be sure to download, fill in the application, and submit it by the end of the day on April 7, 2017. Be sure to visit our P-TECH webpage to view photos of field trips and experiences our current P-TECH students have experienced so far this year!

Photo of Students on a field trip at ECMC  
P-TECH studnets visit ECMC to learn about their future in the health industry.