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no bullying .


Click on the "No Bullying" sign
to report harassment or discrimination by an employee or student on school property, at a school function or on a social media website.


Lackawanna High School
School BEDS Code: 141800010008

500 Martin Road
Lackawanna, New York 14218
(716) 827-6727
Fax: (716) 827-6787

Main Office Hours:
7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Bruce Axelson
High School Principal 
827-6727 Ext 2000

 Jared Taft
High School Assistant Principal
827-6727 Ext 2313
Guidance Office for Middle/High Schools
827-6727 Ext 2900
Fax: 827-6724

Attendance Office for Middle/High Schools
827-6727 Ext 2922
LHS Vision 
College and Career - Be Here to Get There .

LHS Mission
4+22=College and Career Ready.
Steeler Standards
Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.



  • School Board Voter Registration
    Are you at least 18 years of age, currently living in Lackawanna but not registered to vote in the School Board Election? If so, please stop in room 107 at the McKinley Administration Building located at 245 South Shore Blvd. on May 1, 2017 from 12:00 -5:00 p.m. to register to vote in the upcoming School Board Election which will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2017!

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  • Lead Testing Updates
    Please read the latest 2nd Draw Lead Testing Results/Updates. For more infortmation about the 2016-17 State-wide lead testing in schools and for results within Lackawanna Public Schools, please visit our Lead Testing  Results 2016-17 webpage, located under the "Our District" section.

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  • Lackawanna Schools Security Initiative
    Our District has been working to increase security in all buildings. New security procedures have been adopted at the elementary schools as well as the Middle and High School Campus. For more information, please read this letter from the Superintendent.

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  • Lackawanna Lead Testing Results and Action Plan
    Please read this letter to review Lackawanna City School District’s lead testing results and action plan. The safety and security of Lackawanna CSD students, families, faculty, staff and community is the District’s main priority. We are taking responsive action to ensure each water source is in compliance with NYS water standards. 

    For information about lead testing in school drinking water, please visit the Erie County Department of Health website by clicking here

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    Please read this letter regarding recent water quality testing completed in the Lackawanna City School District. Please click here to view the letter in Arabic. 

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  • 2016-17 School Meal Program Information Now Available

    Please visit the Food Service Department webpage for 2016-17 school lunch prcing, Free and Reduced School Meal Applications and Letters to Parents for High School students. 

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  • EXTRA HELP AVAILABLE  - School Start/End Times Change to Accommodate Extra Help 

    In an effort to address parental and teacher concerns regarding additional classroom assistance for students in grades 6-12, Lackawanna High School and Middle School have adjusted school start and end times.  The school day now offers an additional 30 minutes after school for students to seek extra help from their teachers. A late bus will be provided for eligible students.

    The following are the new times for the school day:

    Middle School / High School:
    Breakfast Begins: 7:15 AM 
    Period 1 Begins: 7:30 AM
    School Day Ends: 2:04 PM
    Extra Help Extended Period Ends: 2:34 PM


    فصول التقوية متوفرة الآن لإحتياجات الطلبة، أوقات بداية الدوام المدرسي/أوقات نهاية الدوام المدرسي قد تم تغييرها وفقاً لتوفير فصول التقوية الدراسية في كل المواد المدرسية

    تلبيةً لملاحظات الآباء و المعلمين بخصوص إيجاد حلول جادة لتحسين المستوى الدراسي لدى طلبة و طالبات المراحل الإعدادية و الثانوية - من الصف 6 و لغاية الصف 12 . عملت مدرسة لاكوانا الإعدادية و مدرسة لاكوانا الثانوية على تعديل أوقات الدوام المدرسي. اليوم الدراسي الآن يقدم 30 دقيقة إضافية بعد نهاية الدوام المدرسي للطلبة للإنضمام إلى فصول التقوية المقدمة من مدرس/مدرسة المادة. مع توفر باص خاص لتوصيل الطلبة الذين يرتادون الباص عادةً بعد الإتنهاء من فصول التقوية.

    و أوقات الدوام الدراسي الجديدة هي

    المدرسة الإعدادية/ المدرسة الثانوية
    موعد وجبة الإفطار الصباحية : 7:15 صباحاً
    موعد بداية الحصة الأولى: 7:30 صباحاً
    موعد نهاية الدوام المدرسي : 2:04 مساءً

    موعد الإنتهاء من فصول التقوية: 2:34 مساءً

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    Please review the following information regarding the 2015-2016 School Year.
    New Bell Schedule
    New Student Handbook 
    Message From Your Principal
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    As part of our comprehensive intervention plan, the District Attendance Teacher, Mrs Meagan Bender monitors, collects and reports student attendance data. She also serves as part of the District Data Team and is the District McKinney Vento representative for homeless students/families. She can be reached at 827-6729 or by  Click here for more information.

    Board Policy for Attendance Policy Number 7110

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    Show Your Steeler Pride!
    The Lackawanna MS/HS PTSA presents “THE BRICKS OF LHS” Click here for information.

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    Bryant & Stratton is offering free college courses to 11th & 12th grade high school students. Students will receive an accredited transcript (3 credit hours). Click here for more information.

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    Click here for details and to download an Opt Out Form.

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