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The Six Shifts in Math
Welcome to the on-line, self-study version of this course. In this course you will work through the six shifts in Math Common Core State Standards by viewing a video and reflecting on the information in an on-line survey.  By completing this course you will deepen your understanding of the Common Core and what its implications are for your teaching. Let's begin!
Click here to  watch an overview video  of Common Core Literacy Standards before beginning the shifts:
Shift 1:  Common Core in Mathmatics: Focus 
1. Click here to watch the Math SHIFT 1 video.
2. Click here to complete the Math Shift 1 reflection worksheet. 

Shift 2 - 6: Common Core in Mathmatics
1. Click here to watch the Math SHIFT 2 - 6 video.
2. Click here to complete the Math Shift 2 - 6 reflection worksheet.

When answering questions in the worksheet you will need to reference the following:

Shifts In Math (Question 3)

Where Do We Begin (Question 5)

Required Fluencies (Question 8)

Final Step
Upon completion of all 6 shifts, please notify Sandy Falsioni at  Comments are Welcome!
Last Modified on April 11, 2014