• Welcome to the Middle / High School Library
    Here's to a year filled with friends, fun, and good reading! Be sure to stop by to see what is new or to visit old favorites.  Have an idea for the library? Book or magazine suggestion? Activities? Displays or decorations? I am looking for ideas for after school programs and clubs this year. Program ideas have included  heroes and villains, star wars or?? Crafting area? Puzzles? More coding??  Let me know what you think!  Also, please come see me if you are interested in forming an after school club. I've heard a couple of interesting ideas!!
    WANTED:  I need students to be part of my LIBRARY TEAM. These students would come from their QUIPS on a regular schedule to help out in the library. Come sign up if you are interested.
    Remember, to come to the library during the day you are required to:
    Have a signed pass
    Do homework, research, read or approved activity. Please don't  come just to socialize or watch Youtube..
    After school is homework only and is only until 2:30. - plan ahead and see me for a pass. 
     Have a FANTASTIC year!!!
     Thank you!!!!
    Mrs. Susan Palumbo
    NYS Certified Library-Media Specialist
    827-6727 x2908
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