How To Submit a Technology Incident (Using Service Now Online Form)


    Enter Service Now Application:


    1. Go to: https://wnyricprod.service-now.com

    2. Enter your Username and Password (your employee computer login) and click 

      (be patient as it takes a few seconds to run the application)


    At this point you can either submit a Technology Incident or use the Service Desk Chat.


    To submit a Technology Incident:

    1. Click

    2. Click

    3. Most of the form should pre-populate.

      1. If pre-populated information is incorrect based on your assignment for 2015-2016, notify the Personnel Office 821-5610 ext. 7714.

    4. Enter Room Number or Location

    5. Enter Short Description (160 characters)

    6. Enter Additional Comments (add detail)

    7. Click


    To use the Service Desk Chat.

    1. Click

    2. Click the X at the top right hand corner of chat window to close.


    To Logout:

    1. Click

Last Modified on December 8, 2017