Lackawanna Public Schools

 Parent, Family, Community Outreach
Parents, Families, & Community Working Together
245 South Shore Blvd.
                          Lackawanna, NY 14218
Parent, Family, Community Outreach Coordinators:
Judy Faircloth 
Phone: (716) 827-6726
Dhoyaa Maddi (Arabic Speaking)
Phone: (716) 827-6785 
 What We Do:
  • Establish and maintain consistent, effective and timely communication with families in a variety of ways.
  • Work with principals and school staff, establish an environment in which families feel safe, welcomed and free to voice their opinions.
  • Act as an advocate/liaison to assist parents and school staff to resolve issues at the school and district levels.
  • Assist families in accessing appropriate resources that will support their child’s learning.
  • Serve as mediator when necessary, using respectful strategies to bring conflicts to resolution.
  • Organize, strengthen, and support parent participation on school committees which is representative of the school community.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with local community partners.
  • Develop and maintain a current database of families at the school to support family engagement activities.